Sunday, March 1, 2009

Communicating Agile

Here’s a surefire way to fail with your Agile implementation. Ignore the other parts of the business that are used to dealing with schedule driven projects. It’s not enough to get the project team onboard with Agile, you need to spread the word and sell Agility to as many people as you can.

Go on “Agile Tours” and give multiple presentations about your Agile Team and how you are working to reduce waste and speed the delivery of working code. Of course short presentation won’t be enough to cover Agile Methodologies in much detail, but do talk about the benefits of customer interaction, process inspection, use stories, communication, UAT and so on.

Take the time to build the trust that what you are doing is correct and is the right thing for the business. Plus in today’s economy you are focusing valuable resources on the highest priority items and will deliver results sooner, who won't want to hear about that?


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