Monday, May 31, 2010

Out of Iteration Software Bugs

I did a presentation last week at an Agile event and during the Q and A session one of the questions was about “out of iteration bugs”. Specifically how are they handled? Good question, not all the bugs found in a software project will come from QA activities. It is inevitable that the users are going to find something with the software that needs to be fixed and or changed. What to do?

In most cases the issue is treated like any other backlog item to be prioritized and addressed in an iteration. Depending on the severity / priority rating of the issue, the product owner can weigh the cost of fixing the bug now or having the Agile team complete a different user story. It’s just a matter of cost/benefit tradeoff of where the Agile team’s resources are spent.




John Jackson said...

Good post. We are going to be writing about some of our software bugs on ourProject management blog as well.

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